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blossom blog invasion

Ahhh, what would a Japan-based blog be without some lovely sakura photographs? A Japan-based blog without some lovely sakura photographs, I suppose.

And an act tantamount to a snub of one of Japan's longest standing traditions. Any blog worth its weight in cherry blossom will post one, maybe two, possibly 500 photographs of the lauded pink petals at this special time of year.

Two years ago, it was illegal for a Japan-based blog not to post a photo of the blooming blossoms. Thankfully those restrictions have been lifted. Then last year my bloomin' blooming photos were censored by the authorities.

However, this year I think I've managed to get it just about right. So please enjoy some pictures of the ones I saw being put up a few days ago.

a japanese blossom in osaka

A time for renewal (of driving licences, for example).

An attractive bendy blossom-pachinko combo.
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On Monday, 02 April, 2007, Blogger Brit said:


Legal advice please...I am at a crossroads and don't know how to play the authorities on this one.

There is no sakura in Hokkaido until May. I have three options-

1. Blatantly flaunt "The Rules" and not post sakura on my blog. (What's the maximum sentence again?)

2.Try and pass some ume blossom off as sakura, but then this obviously means the could have me for fraud.

3.Follow your lead.

Advice please.  

On Monday, 14 May, 2007, Blogger BA'AL said:

Hi. I was really shocked by this info. Please, tell me you were joking. Anyway, very nice blog, I often come to visit it. All the best, Baro  

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