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oil slick curry

It may look like the colonic expulsions of a newborn baby, but i can assure you, it tastes much better than that (or so I've been told). This is oil slick curry: 80% water, 15% oil and 5% unknown items.

It's a clever twist on the usual brown-coloured Japanese curry rice. But looks revolting. And no one ever buys it. So perhaps it's not that clever after all.

Full of a number of unknowns.

Regular colonic expulsions.
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On Tuesday, 25 July, 2006, Blogger Zen said:

looks bloody horrid!  

On Tuesday, 25 July, 2006, Anonymous RisingSunOfNihon said:

that is really weird... yea i never seen that and proc i wouldnt buy ether. theres a lot of product do with goma... and those stuff come out black as well. i dont know... coke is the only black thing i like to take in to my body...haha  

On Tuesday, 25 July, 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said:

I think it is just squid ink with curry?  

On Wednesday, 26 July, 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said:

coke is the only black thing i like to take in to my body...haha

Coke's not black, its white.  

On Friday, 28 July, 2006, Blogger Clayton said:

actually, a newborn's first poop is green. It's a fact.  

On Friday, 28 July, 2006, Blogger Invader Stu said:

They look scary  

On Friday, 28 July, 2006, Anonymous Hinomaru said:

Guess you are the very first customer to buy this, then?  

On Friday, 28 July, 2006, Blogger the englishman said:

actually a friend bought it. i went for the regular colonic expulsions.  

On Friday, 28 July, 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said:

Ufff! If I have to guide myself by its aspect... I have to say... NO WAY!
Looks pretty disgusting...  

On Sunday, 30 July, 2006, Anonymous BIGmog said:

This was the whole purpose behind the SDF's peace keeping mission. Oil to make curry!  

On Tuesday, 01 August, 2006, Anonymous Keith said:

The black stuff looks exactly like an oil slick. It makes me want to gag.  

On Friday, 04 August, 2006, Blogger Hot Lemon& Honey said:

Ewwwww who eats that?  

On Friday, 04 August, 2006, Blogger Lewis said:

Probably one of my biggest disappointments about Japan (apart from the concrete mountains) was the brown sludge they laughingly call curry. Yet somehow, with this new black curry, they've actually managed to make it look even less appetising than it did before. Amazing.

Curry ice cream anyone?  

On Tuesday, 22 August, 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said:

We have a similair thing in the Philippines. It's called, COAGULATED PIGS BLOOD.  

On Thursday, 31 August, 2006, Blogger Marie said:

You can't fool me, that's diet food!  

On Tuesday, 05 September, 2006, Anonymous Gaianna said:

I was visiting my Brother in Japan and almost ordered it.
I love the chain restaurant but can’t remember it' name.
Coco-something i think.  

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