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marvellous makeover!

Unfair lighting to maximise facial errors.

I've seen TV programmes back home where they give someone a makeover, you know, a new hair-do, some fancy make-up, a new dress. But last night I stumbled across Beauty Coliseum. Yes, they did the hair-do. Yes, they did the make-up. Yes, they did the new dress. And yes, they took it one step further - they put the woman under the knife and rearranged her face.

The woman whose face was about to dramatically change was unceromoniously brought before the resident celebrities and studio audience MINUS her make-up, MINUS her best clothes and MINUS a chance to do her hair. In short, she was a mess. It looked as if they'd just dragged her out of bed. She looked miserable too, though I expect she had a really nice personality.

A spotlight pointing towards her face from the ground ensured total and complete enhancement of her beautilessness. It really was a tad unfair.

She then cried and explained how awful life is. It sounded bad. It looked worse. It certainly wasn't getting any better appearing on this TV show.

Next they treated viewers to some reconstructed events, like the taxi driver who said she looked like Frankenstein and refused to give her a lift; and the man in a restaurant who was put off his food by her face and threw a chopstick angrily across the room at her. Fortunately the TV show was there to sort her face out and do her hair, thus saving her from any more unfortunate incidents involving chopsticks.

The final part of the show was two months down the line; I guess that was the time it took for the bleeding and swelling to cease.

Out she came, new dress, new hair, lots of make-up on her new face, and smiling! Then, the most astonishing part of the show - the celebrities were suddenly overcome with emotion and became quivering wrecks when they saw her new look.

The new woman proceeded to tell everyone how great life had become, and so we could all go to bed that night secure in the knowledge that the world was a little better looking thanks to Beauty Coliseum.

You can see the a 45 second clip of the show at the end of this post.

The star of the show breaks down as she explains how tough life is without any make-up.

A reconstructed taxi driver refuses to give her a lift, even though she insists that she has an outstandingly lovely personality.

The moment of truth....here she is two months before, pre-makeover......

.......and now! The transformation is stunning. And she's still got a really nice personality.

"That's not fair, she's better looking than me now." It all proves too much for one celebrity, who expresses her anger and envy through a flood of tears.

beauty coliseum on Vimeo

Here's a clip. The celebrities steal the show with their wonderfully emotional reactions.
Running time: 45 seconds
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On Wednesday, 14 June, 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said:

You have been in Japan too long. These shows are big all over the world. The most famous one in America is "The Swan". Of course in my opionion they only look better about 50 percent of the time. And that's only because of the good haircut, and not the plasitc surgery. Not that I have ever watched a show from beginning to end. One of my favorite things about living far from home is the ability to be almost oblivious to the "reality tv" crap that has taken America by storm. Just my humble opinion.  

On Thursday, 15 June, 2006, Blogger Name: Mr Moshi Moshi said:

The worst show of this kind I saw was back in Britain, on Channel Five - "Plastic Surgery Live!" it was called, I think, and presented by Venessa Feltz.
There was this American woman who worked in a beauty salon at the front desk, who had decided to get her own face done. "Extreme exfoliation" it was called. In practice it meant stripping off the upper layers of her skin with something that looked like a tool-shop sander. And so we were treated to the sight of her face being stripped off in front of our very eyes. And two weeks later when she had "healed" she came back delighted that her skin felt more taught, and looked "brighter" when in fact what she really had was a thin layer of translucent scar tissue over her face which looked like someone had covered her head in varnish. Butchery. Consensual, but butchery nonetheless.  

On Friday, 16 June, 2006, Blogger Invader Stu said:

I wanted to leave a comment but after seeing that I am speechless. I can't believe some of the things they put on TV these days.  

On Friday, 16 June, 2006, Anonymous yukiyukiyukiyuki said:

thanks! i was wondering what would happen to this lady.. i watched the 1st portion of this story in the dvd my friend sent me!! wowowowow!!! she changed so much huh? i was soooo worried about her.. i sometimes watch "swan" or "extreme make-over" on Singapore TV, but I'd rather watch house make-over one.  

On Friday, 16 June, 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said:

Glad to see that Beauty Coloseum is still on TV, was a fav on mine whilst I was there in 2002-3  

On Sunday, 18 June, 2006, Blogger The Alex said:

At least the Japanese get their OWN extreme makeover shows! Here in Argentina they just show the English ones, with comedy Mexicans doing the dubbing.  

On Friday, 06 October, 2006, Anonymous designium said:

Is that she? Or someone else? Im'so skeptical.  

On Wednesday, 18 October, 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said:

She doesn't even look that horrifying. She just needs a little touch up here and there...no need for a huge surgery...  

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