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gratuitous sakura

I'm stunned. The authorities have BANNED my sakura photograph under the 1907 Obscene Publications Act. A letter delivered to me this morning stated that my photograph displayed "gratuitous sexual imagery and some long floppy things."

They added that my photo was a potentially corrupting influence on society and that publication would result in a lengthy jail term. Utterly absurd.

So I'm sorry that on this occasion I'm unable to share my sakura picture with you. However, after spending much of the day studying the minutiae of this ridiculous law, I've managed to find a compromise. Please enjoy the mosaic version below.

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On Thursday, 06 April, 2006, Blogger katioschka said:

Incredible ! But how did they "see" the picture? Is there someone who reads all japanese blogs prior to their publication on the web?  

On Thursday, 06 April, 2006, Blogger arentol said:

Quite honestly, I was surprised when you first published this blatantly lascivious photo.

Such a lewd display of suggestive pistils & phallic stamen should be banned from both web and print mediums.

At least you had the common decency to cover up the exposed areas. For that, sir, I do applaud you.

Disgusted but satisfied,
Arentol -  

On Thursday, 06 April, 2006, Blogger Citizen_Stu said:

Maybe someone should explain to the censors the real meaning of the term 'The Birds and the Bees'  

On Thursday, 06 April, 2006, Blogger Niels Brouwers said:

this blog is degrading to flowers!  

On Friday, 07 April, 2006, Blogger Claytonian said:

I prefer black bars over my pistils  

On Friday, 07 April, 2006, Blogger Between daisies said:


On Friday, 07 April, 2006, Blogger potpourri said:

Imagine the hundreds and thousands of minds of your daily underaged readers being corrupted and tainted by this..shameful piece of eroticism cleverly disguised as art photography.

I'm thoroughly disappointed and i'll continue to come back every single day to screen your blog on behalf of the authorities.  

On Sunday, 09 April, 2006, Blogger Dotty said:

Ummmm...Such pretty little things. Got any more photos? I'll pay. Got some friends who like this sort of thing too. We're part of a sort of internet 'ring'...such delicate young stems, and virginal white flowers...scrummy.  

On Monday, 10 April, 2006, Blogger Nikki said:

From what I've heard the streets of Japan are just LITTERED with this kind of thing. And yet here you've gone and censored it. Looks like I'll have to get my 'long floppy thing' stamen-fix elsewhere.

Highly entertaining blog by the way.  

On Saturday, 15 April, 2006, Blogger Marie said:

Appalled, revolted, horrified, aghast, disgusted !

Love your blog!  

On Friday, 05 May, 2006, Blogger Ordinary Janet said:

Looks like Robert Mapplethorpe wouldn't be welcome there.  

On Sunday, 06 August, 2006, Blogger Absiegirl said:

Eww. Utterly Obscene!!!

This has got to be the most disgusting of all sakura pictures. Too much detail, even in censorship.

love your blog. too entertaining...i forget my deadlines..  

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