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the very lovely walk

There is a walking crisis in Japan, and it could threaten the very gonads of society if something isn't done about it in the nearest of near futures. Large numbers of people are walking without style or grace, with knees knocking, and with toes on one foot occasionally coming into contact with toes on the other. It's a sorry mess and as a result an organisation has been formed in order to help try to straighten things out - literally and metaphorically.

To get things started, a television show is being broadcast weekly showing young ladies how to walk beautifully. It's called B-Walk (Beautiful Walk). Basically, a man wanders the streets in search of BA-Walkers (Bloody Awful Walkers) and then brings them to his classroom to show them how to get the best out of their legs, knees, feet, ankles and toes.

There are several theories as to why there are so many BA-walkers wobbling about the streets of Japan. Some people think the reason is due to the phenomenon known as handbag elbow, which causes an imbalance and can, in extreme cases, result in the tragic condition known as RBA-Walker. Really Bloody Awful Walker. But this is rare.

A bit messy.
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On Wednesday, 01 March, 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said:

Japanese people are so weired. I hope you are doing well there. (:  

On Wednesday, 01 March, 2006, Blogger Name: Mr Moshi Moshi said:

You're a hero for posting about this. I thought it was somehow my imagination. I just cannot understand how a nation that traditionally has had such a refined sense of female grace has a whole generation of women who hobble around worse than your average cripple.  

On Wednesday, 01 March, 2006, Blogger Dotty said:

I can't spot the difference between the before and after photos. Is there a difference?  

On Wednesday, 01 March, 2006, Blogger the englishman said:

True, in these stills from the TV programme, there doesn't appear to be much difference. However, the moving pictures showed a marked change.  

On Wednesday, 01 March, 2006, Blogger Jim said:

I'm just disappointed that the legs shown didn't reflect the reality of Japan by being clad in a very short miniskirt and knee-high boots with wobbly heels.  

On Wednesday, 01 March, 2006, Blogger Claytonian said:

OL syndrome  

On Wednesday, 01 March, 2006, Blogger Marie said:

I agree with Dotty, no difference.
However they walk, the Japan girls
are attractive!  

On Thursday, 02 March, 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said:

I was told that if I walk with one foot in front of the other,it would make my butt wiggle more :D  

On Thursday, 02 March, 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said:

It could be seiza that does it. You know, the Japanese habit of crushing one's leg as a way of sitting on the floor. for a first world country, you would think that they would've learned to get up from the floor, and sit in chairs like the rest of the civilised world.  

On Sunday, 05 March, 2006, Blogger TokyoMade(東京メイド) said:

there are many theories about the 'deformed' walk and stance, with toes facing in together and knees knocking...
where I am from we classify it as a birth defect called pigeon toed and a child that walks or stands that way is 'corrected' before they get pumbled in the playground
here some girls have told me that having toes facing in together is a symbol of kawaii cute...many young cute models in the teen mags here display the pose
toes in, i have also been told is a sign of being modestly 'available' and once 'taken' and married off they straighten out a little
i think it would do a whole lot o good to chuck their frggin hideous ill fitting stilettos in the garbage, get the wedge out of their ass and start watching back to back episodes of the b-walk show
yes japanese women are stunning creatures with grace and poise, but some have come to resemble deformed creatures from another planet!  

On Friday, 07 April, 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said:

Just found your blog, and reading through it. I lived in Japan 10 years ago, and when I went back to visit last year the whole pigeon-toed thing really struck me. I don't remember it being so marked when I was living there. It seems to me it's similar to the way Japanese women raise their voices when they talk on the phone - somewhere along the line it's become established as a sign of appropriate female behaviour, and now women are training their bodies to behave in this way without even realising they're doing it. Foucault would be having a field day if he were still around to see it.  

On Sunday, 11 June, 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said:

So, Duke, the guy who hosts Bi-Walk did a 'walking seminar' in Namba Parks last fall, and I got to touch his ass. Whooo!  

On Tuesday, 02 October, 2007, Anonymous Anonymous said:

i think cos they were wearing these shoes...



On Monday, 16 March, 2009, Anonymous Anonymous said:

Maybe you should first ask the Japanese Ministry of Silly Walks. They could probably explain what's going on.  

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