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hot eggs in osaka

A few days ago temperatures in Japan hit record highs, while temperatures in air-conditioned trains and convenience stores hit record lows.

The oppressive humidity and scorching heat are causing tarmac to melt, rivers to dry up and oba-sans to catch fire. Even the camels in Namba have had enough...

The Japan Meteorological Agency has put the recent heatwave down to this:

But the burning sun is a boon to those without cooking utensils. Thanks to the intensity of the heat, it's now possible to fry eggs on bicycle seats. Yes, temperatures really are that high. A word of caution, though: be sure to remove the egg before going for a ride.

An egg fried on a bicycle seat (with garnish).
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On Monday, 20 August, 2007, Blogger Jon said:

I love this blog. I really do.  

On Monday, 20 August, 2007, Anonymous Roderick Kar said:

Wow, lucky I visited Kansai last month not this month. 40˚C is really hot. Here in Hong Kong the hottest day so far this year was 35˚C two weeks ago and it was already unbearable.  

On Monday, 20 August, 2007, Blogger Jannebet said:

what a convenient way to make a healthy lunch!  

On Monday, 20 August, 2007, Anonymous Anonymous said:

Just be thankful your not in England right now. that's all i'm saying  

On Tuesday, 21 August, 2007, Anonymous DayJobNuker said:

I love your blog. In one month I will be an American in Tokyo for two weeks. I love Japan  

On Tuesday, 21 August, 2007, Blogger Brett Burridge said:

Cool blog, I'll be an Englishman in Tokyo for a fortnight in October. If I find a beer vending machine my life at last will be complete.

Hope I don't perish in a Godzilla attack first though :-(  

On Wednesday, 22 August, 2007, Anonymous kazue said:

I don't wanna eat an egg that was cooked on something on which someone's bottom was put.  

On Thursday, 23 August, 2007, Anonymous Anonymous said:

Me too Kazue. And beware of the brown sauce......  

On Thursday, 23 August, 2007, Anonymous Jamaipanese said:

and I thought Jamaica was hot  

On Tuesday, 28 August, 2007, Anonymous Ed said:

Anyone have more bicycle seat recipes? Might be good for a quick snack on those long bike trips.  

On Wednesday, 29 August, 2007, Anonymous Alex Case said:

I really hope you did the egg photo with photoshop... If you had time to do it properly, I want your job!

TEFLtastic blog- www.tefl.net/alexcase  

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