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cafe what?

Strolling down the street, it's sometimes hard not to do a double-take with certain shop names....

Thank god for the "l"....
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On Sunday, 05 August, 2007, Anonymous Alex Case said:

Ha! We have a cafe seman in Tokyo as well, must be a chain. And if you look at the katakana, it is pronounced exactly how it shouldn't be...

Don't have a camera, but someone should snap the "eye rashes perm" notice in Ikebukuro before it disappears.

TEFLtastic blog- www.tefl.net/alexcase  

On Sunday, 05 August, 2007, Anonymous Jamaipanese said:

it could have been worse..lol  

On Monday, 06 August, 2007, Anonymous Deas said:

Think of all the diseases that they could prevent by changing their shop names and avoiding confusion.  

On Monday, 06 August, 2007, Blogger Jon said:

I would love to go into a "Pubic Hair"!  

On Monday, 06 August, 2007, Blogger Jen in Japan said:

That reminds me of a hair salon I passed in Osaka a few weeks ago, simply named "Knob Hair". It was surprisingly busy.  

On Tuesday, 07 August, 2007, Blogger Invader Stu said:

Some how I don't think public hair would be cutting the hair on top of people's heads.  

On Saturday, 11 August, 2007, Blogger tornados28 said:

Another salon name I have seen is Mannish. I suppose it is a good place for women who desire to look mannish.  

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