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pepsi ice cucumber

Japan will be going cucumber crazy next week when their new limited edition drink, Pepsi Ice Cucumber, hits the shelves (and vending machines).

Pepsi have cleverly stolen a march on their bitter rivals, Coke, who right now are frantically trying to get out their own limited edition drink, Coke Ice Potato, in time for the summer.

Japanese food and beverage companies often come out with limited edition products in an attempt to tantalise our taste buds and massively boost their profits. Some really take off (green tea kit-kats), and some don't (octopus ice cream).

Pepsi Ice Cucumber comes out on Tuesday, but a friend working at Pepsi Japan mischievously sneaked out a bottle for me so I could get an early look. He has since been fired.

So how about Pepsi Ice Cucumber? Well, it comes in a standard Pepsi bottle, the main difference being that this one has a green label. I must admit, the cucumber part was a bit of a surprise, but I decided to go with it. Drinking it proved really messy because the cucumber seemed to be welded in, but the taste was pretty special. Overall I'd give it 8 out of 10 for taste, but 2 out of 10 for design. It needs a straw somewhere.

Pepsi Ice Cucumber - it's a bit like the lime in a Corona thing.

Cucumber trivia!
Did you know that.......
  • if cucumbers were made into robots, they might try to take over the world and control us.
  • on live TV in 1978, British television personality Esther Rantzen manhandled a penis-shaped cucumber for a full three minutes. The BBC received no complaints.
  • if you lined up all the cucumbers in the world, it would make a very long line.
  • if you boil the juice of five cucumbers and add a litre of whisky to the mix before drinking all of it, it will make you extremely drunk and liable to vomit.
  • in a recent telephone survey of 1,000 Japanese housewives who handle Japanese cucumbers on a regular basis and also have experience with Western ones, 78% said that while Japanese ones may be smaller, they are also firmer to the touch.
  • until the 17th century, cucumbers were used exclusively as jewellery.
  • before The Beatles were called The Beatles, they called themselves The Silver Cucumbers.
  • the Royal Society for the Protection of Cucumbers (RSPC) has over 3,000 members.
  • the delightful and charming British chef Delia Smith once held up a bag of cucumbers on her popular cookery show and said, "Look! It's like a load of cocks!"

an englishman in osaka - your one-stop blog for all your cucumber needs

What is a cucumber?
- for anyone who doesn't know what those long green things are, this site is a must-visit.

B's Cucumber Pages - with its own FAQ page.

How to grow cucumbers - it's not just a case of chucking them in the ground, y'know.

The Cucumbers - remarkable! This is the name of a music group! What a crazy name!

University of California - they have their very own vegetable research and information center.

Cucumber recipes - lots of delicious cucumber dishes.

I hate cucumbers - five years ago a blogger wrote about actually hating cucumbers.

It's not my wish to alarm you but there is such a thing as a cucumber beetle. So next time you're at a restaurant in China looking in horror at a menu containing camel scrotums, scorpion breasts and elephant eyes, don't think you're playing it safe by going for the "cucumber sandwich".

OK, stop all this blustery guff and take me to the REAL THING, 'cos Pepsi is it!
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On Sunday, 10 June, 2007, Anonymous Pops said:

Yeah, but this doesn't hold a candle to Coca Cola's new product; "Classic Zucchini Coke!"  

On Monday, 11 June, 2007, Anonymous George said:

Thank you very much for the useful information in the trivia section about cucumbers. I remember the survey of Japanese housewives very well. Western cucumbers have been special to Japanese culture since the early Meiji period. Contemporary drawings show Japanese housewives handling enourmous Western cucumbers whose size has been exagerrated for dramatic purpose.

Since this time there has been a constant flow and ebb of discussions about size and softness of touch. As much as Japan has succeeded in winning international status, it is still ambivalent about the cucumber question. It is feared in some circles that prime minister Abe's new assertiveness and strengthening of the military might be fuelled by Japan's lack of cucumbers of a certain size.

-Yours sincerely,  

On Tuesday, 12 June, 2007, Blogger Invader Stu said:

I want to know when Pepsi Tree Sap will be available.  

On Friday, 15 June, 2007, Blogger Will said:

Did you know the phrase "cool as a cucumber" comes from the fact that sunglasses-wearing cool dudes in the '60s used to be known as cucumbers?  

On Saturday, 16 June, 2007, Blogger tornados28 said:

Sounds refreshing.  

On Monday, 02 July, 2007, Blogger Brendan said:

This is hilarious  

On Saturday, 28 July, 2007, Anonymous Teresa said:

I was in Japan this month in the area of Kyoto and Osaka and I couldn't find cucumber pepsi anywhere. Man, was I disappointed.

I was happy to see that diet pepsi and coke have finally caught on, though. Last summer I only saw one or two in vending machines, but this year they were everywhere.  

On Wednesday, 08 August, 2007, Anonymous Alex Case said:

It's revolting. I tried to swallow that cucumber down in one, but it made me choke...  

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