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the gentle beer

Strong Seven is for people with hair on their chests and maybe even a bit on their back. It's a cheap drink which tries to taste like beer but isn't actually beer at all. It does, however, get you drunk fairly quickly.

It appears to be the preserve of both hard drinkers and drinkers who are hard. Its alcohol content clocks in at a strong 7 per cent, hence its clever name.

"This hard and clear taste brings you the great feeling"......of being drunk?

The newest beer on the block, however, appears to be targeting a different audience; an audience with possibly no hair at all.

Is former Olympic swimmer Duncan Goodhew a fan of the new drink?

Indeed, it has a name so gentle that one wonders if men will be able to ask for it by name....

Snow White - the latest beer from Suntory.

Snow White is 5% alcohol, and 20% and 100% other things.

Should the beer become a popular import for British drinkers, scenes like this could be played out nightly in pubs up and down the country....

A hard man ordering a pint of Snow White for himself.

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On Saturday, 03 January, 2009, Blogger Cailin Coilleach said:

In the Netherlands a "Sneeuwwitje" (Snow White) is a mix of beer and 7Up or Sprite, usually served to young teens in the absence of Shandy or something similar.

Too young for real drinks, but want to join the grownups? Drink a Snow White!

Man... It's been years since I've heard mention of this :)  

On Sunday, 04 January, 2009, Blogger t i m said:

I'll have 2 pints of Strong 7 please. :)  

On Sunday, 04 January, 2009, Anonymous Scotty.VOR said:

Sorry sir, all outta Strong 7. It's either a pint of Snow White or some Asahi (aka Golden Turd) beer.

It's snow joke!  

On Tuesday, 06 January, 2009, Anonymous Bamboo said:

How about the commercial for Strong 7 with the guy on top of the building, his overcoat billowing in the wind, and he takes a sip and grimaces, shouting to the world.

Come on, Japan, you're all weak drinkers, just face it.  

On Saturday, 10 January, 2009, Blogger sleepytako said:

All weak drinkers? Yea there many one or two and they are plastered Japanese boozers here, but from first hand experience, I've seen some damn good knock-em-back and still want more boozers.  

On Sunday, 11 January, 2009, Blogger Wholeflaffer said:

So what exactly is Strong Seven if it is not a beer? Or are you being alliterative and it really is a beer but tastes really bad or something.  

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