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horrifying head?

Many will consider these heads to be imaginative works of art.

They may well have been inspired by a disturbing dream.....

....or by some mind-bending stimulants.

They could possibly be the work of someone fascinated by faces - as well as knockers.

That's all well and good.

However, while out walking recently in deepest rural Nagano, I happened upon a head which later caused me to have a disturbing dream, made worse by mind-bending stimulants such as red wine and cheese.

You see, from a distance it looked rather horrifying and for an awful moment I thought I'd stumbled across the following day's news headlines....

A head on a signpost - it's not what you want to see in the middle of the countryside.

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On Monday, 01 February, 2010, Anonymous Nick said:

It looks like a mannequin that needs a bit more work doing in the body area.  

On Monday, 01 February, 2010, Blogger Unbalanced Reaction said:

Those are certainly some impressive....eyes.  

On Monday, 01 February, 2010, Blogger The Institute of Good Taste said:

And what of the coincidence that both Magomejuku and Tsumugajuku would both translate to 'Post Town' in English? Its mind boggling really.  

On Wednesday, 03 February, 2010, Blogger Shyam said:

God, those heads are GRUESOME! And the one on the post that isnt obviously gruesome is scarily normal. ugh!  

On Friday, 05 February, 2010, Anonymous Adrian said:

okay that's all pretty haunting and...well...strange. Especially the head on the post. wow.  

On Friday, 12 February, 2010, Anonymous Nobu in Tokyo said:

What on Earth is that there for?? I see some strange things here in Tokyo, but not sure if I am disturbed or comforted to see that there's enough absurdity everywhere else as well! :)  

On Monday, 15 February, 2010, Anonymous Vile said:

I bet it gives directions and helpful hints, in a cute-yet-trustworthy voice accompanied by somewhat creepy zombie-like face movements, right?  

On Tuesday, 23 February, 2010, Blogger katillac deVille said:

The head on the post may be to draw attention to the post. Otherwise, it easily blends into the environment. Why they used that particular object can only be questioned by the person/people who did it. Regardless, it's a styling mannequin, used to learn various styling and hair cutting techniques by cosmetology students. Mine ended up looking so hideous, it became a hood ornament for the car that transports a heavy metal band.  

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