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"Three-Bench Park"

Three-Bench Park is Osaka's most popular recreational area.

It is so-called because it has three benches, which is, incidentally, three more benches than what most other parks in Japan have.

Up until recently it had seven benches but visitors found this confusing, causing many to complain about the misnomer. As a result, the authorities recently came along and took four of them away.

Of an afternoon, there's nothing I like more than taking a stroll to this charming little park, settling myself on one of the three benches, pulling out a copy of the Japan Times (from my trouser pocket), and having a relaxing read of its printed contents.

However, last Thursday my plans were thrown into disarray.

On approaching the first bench, I was alarmed to see it taken up by a snoring salaryman...


“Never mind," I said to myself. "This is Three-Bench Park. I can sit on one of the other two."

So I sauntered over to the second bench. I could hardly believe what I saw. Yet another snoozing salaryman.


“No bother,” I shouted, being careful not to wake Snoozing-san. “There's always the third bench.”

I made my way over to it, looking forward to finally being able to sit down. But to my utter horror, there was a third salaryman slumbering away....


....so I had to sit here instead.
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On Saturday, 10 November, 2007, Blogger lina said:

wow! it's a comfort to know that Osaka Parks has 3 benches...
that must the the reson it's so popular... with sleepy salaryman  

On Saturday, 10 November, 2007, Blogger Contamination said:

At least it's not so comfortable that they decide to bring their blue canvas homes with them.

And I'm glad that wasn't a syringe that you had to sit down next to.  

On Sunday, 11 November, 2007, Blogger Jon said:

I'd just sit on one of them.  

On Sunday, 11 November, 2007, Anonymous Deas said:

Lucky! I tried to sit on that gutter last time I was in town, and some bozo was sleeping there. Aggravating. I had to look for one of the other 2 gutters. Ticked me off.  

On Sunday, 11 November, 2007, Blogger bogue said:

I think we should know more about the 4 benches that were removed. What was done with them? Where are they now? Was it really Osaka city council that removed them? Will Mulder and Scully come out of retirement to investigate their disappearance?  

On Monday, 12 November, 2007, Blogger Zaty said:

3 benches? 0_0 intriguing

so we can conclude that:

A. japanese rarely sit down when they go to parks

B. japanese salarymen like to sleep

if A and B is true then the reason why there are so few benches in park is probably the gov's way to have max. profit and labor, ie. by preventing the slacking off of workers during the day 0_o  

On Tuesday, 13 November, 2007, Anonymous usws said:

Oh lol, there seriously only have 3 benches there? OMG, Japanese are so literal. Hahaha, thank goodness they don't have parks with 'Fire' or 'Thorns' in their names. I think.


On Wednesday, 14 November, 2007, Blogger tornados28 said:

And no grass to sit on either. Why are most Japanese parks devoid of grass?  

On Wednesday, 14 November, 2007, Blogger Antonio Rebordao said:

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Cheers and keep posting  

On Friday, 16 November, 2007, Anonymous Michaels said:

Of course, those might not be benches at all, but a new type of vending machine. Some kind of automated enema adminster? You can even see the pipe on snoring-sans machine.

And what the HELL where you doing with a newspaper in your pocket? Trying to con the masses?  

On Tuesday, 20 November, 2007, Blogger Kayne said:

that is out of control!

hilarious, actually. I think its like yawning, you see one person do it, and can't help but do it yourself. unless they all congregated to that place for the specific purpose of taking a nap  

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