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year of the cockroach

As everyone knows, it's always the year of the something here. It might be a donkey, an owl or perhaps a monkey no less.

2006 will be the year of the cockroach. This nasty creature now lies dormant in every house throughout the land, sleeping soundly and dreaming of the day when the hot weather will gently wake it from its slumber so that it can prowl your kitchen at night and leave small brown gifts in your breakfast bowl, fresh for you in the morning when you eagerly devour that healthy and nourishing first meal of the day.

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On Thursday, 29 December, 2005, Anonymous Ben said:

Is that a cockroach you found?  

On Thursday, 29 December, 2005, Anonymous Anonymous said:

That looks like my ex-wife.  

On Thursday, 29 December, 2005, Blogger Name: Mr Moshi Moshi said:

It was in Osaka, no less... that I was staying with a friend at her place in Ishibashi. I had to leave her room for a quick trip to the bathroom before going to bed. Perfectly nice room in a dormitory-style building, perfectly clean... I slip on my shoes barefoot and walk down the hall. I feel the slightest of scratches on one of my toes on my right foot.

"Is it a shoelace trapped inside the shoe?" the conscious part of my brain asks. Surely no big deal. But the darker, more primal part of my brain tells me that this can't be ignored. I take my shoe off and tap it, thinking a pebble might fall out. Instead, one of nature's finest gifts to humanity falls out of my shoe and wriggles on the floor a bit while I am bent double, moaning in wide-eyed horror. This happened only about a month and a half ago and I will never forget it for the rest of my life. Of all the places it could have gone, it had to go and take refuge in my shoe.  

On Friday, 30 December, 2005, Blogger MarkHL said:

Nice blog by the way but..

I shall never be able to put on slippers in the dark again. Thanks a lot.  

On Saturday, 31 December, 2005, Blogger Catman said:

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thank you  

On Wednesday, 04 January, 2006, Blogger kachuaz said:

my year?

haha. i do hope so too.

btw, kachuaz means cockroach in a chinese dialect.



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