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the park mall

When the rising sun gets up and running each morning and the neon lights are switched off, Osaka can lose quite a bit of its colour. About 98% of it, to be exact.

Sure, the city is famed for its various shades of grey, but if you lift up the enormous great paving slab and take a peek under it, you'll find all manner of little things scurrying about. And some parks, too.

The most interesting of these green areas is Namba Parks.

And it's not only a park. It's a shopping mall as well (of course). I mean, why have a park that's just a park when you can incorporate a shopping mall?

It's a park/mall with pink signs....

....as well as pink park keepers

You can eat among leaves....

And shop among shops....

You can even sit and while away the hours watching Namba Parks exist....

Namba Parks - it's mostly park....

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On Tuesday, 14 July, 2009, Anonymous Scotty.VOR said:

Oh, the life of a park keeper...the fresh air, the exercise, the nature, the pink uniforms...  

On Wednesday, 15 July, 2009, Blogger Βορέας said:

It looks more like magenta to me but anyway. I wonder... Ιf they really have to wear those uniforms, I bet they probably have to perform a weird dance in them as well. As a promotion for the customers at specific times!  

On Saturday, 18 July, 2009, Anonymous Ryan said:

Although it's nowhere near the Hanging Gardens of Babylon, at least Osakians can enjoy a small amount of plant life once in a while!  

On Monday, 20 July, 2009, Blogger BBE said:

horticultural being my vocation, I would like to say that creating a green space in such an architecturally dominated landscape, would be an interesting challenge. But doing it wearing pink! No way, not ever.


On Sunday, 26 July, 2009, Blogger Baron's Life said:

It always amazed me how organized the Japanese have to be even when they are napping for 10 minutes...
great post...thanks for sharing  

On Monday, 16 August, 2010, Anonymous Anonymous said:

The available amount of plant life to "enjoy" amounts to several square meters. It is a shopping mall(essentially Osaka is nothing but an extended shopping mall) with a few bushes thrown around the place, and then named Namba Parks without any apparent irony whatsoever.

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