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a beer garden?

With the warmer weather approaching, so comes with it humidity, long white gloves, and sweat.

Though long white gloves are no longer for me, the sweat still pours and there seems little one can do about it besides sit indoors with the air-con on full.

It's at this time of year that department stores across the country open their rooftops, get lots of cheap food out and supply beer on tap. Say hello to the beer garden.

Beer gardens are usually open from late June to early September. Cost will be around 3,000yen, which gives you unlimited food and beer. Some places impose a two hour time limit, whereas others have no time limit at all which theoretically means you could drink from late June to early September.

Some people are puzzled about why it's called a beer garden, when it's evidently more beer than garden. I guess it's because it sounds nice. Like saying motion discomfort bag instead of puke packet.

But wait a minute - look!

Here's a beer garden that's more garden than beer. How refreshing.....

a beer GARDEN.

OK strictly speaking, I guess it's a happoshu garden, but that doesn't sound quite as good.

Click here for a little bit of information about beer gardens in Osaka and Kyoto - beer gardens, not beer gardens, that is.
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On Sunday, 21 June, 2009, Blogger Tornadoes28 said:

I could live off just beer and snacks all summer. Where is one that will let me stay all day and night all summer?  

On Sunday, 21 June, 2009, Blogger Tornadoes28 said:

I prefer the term "barf bag".  

On Monday, 22 June, 2009, Blogger Dale said:

Isn't Beer Garden the normal name for a fenced off area that has a license for alcohol? I realize you can drink anywhere in japan, but that's the story when in canada.

Is this a parallel between japan and canada or another case of some other country thinking something is completely weird when they are in fact the ones that are weird?

Or reaching for material when making a blog post?  

On Wednesday, 01 July, 2009, Blogger meemalee said:

Dale, beer gardens in Japan are awesome because:

1. They're always on the roof of skyscrapers so you get a crazy view;

2. They usually have a big screen showing baseball or other sports events;

3. Unlimited booze, Slush Puppy and barbecue!

What's not to love?  

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