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english for drug trials

In a Japanese language magazine available in London, there are several ads from medical companies giving Japanese males the exciting opportunity of taking part in clinical drug trials.

Payment varies according to the length of the trial. You could get as much as £3,570 (about 590,000yen).

Besides financial reward, one company also offers free English lessons during the medical trials....

This is a wise idea, as if the trial all goes to shit, like it did for these poor guys a few years back, then certain English phrases would definitely come in very useful. How about these for starters...

Useful English phrases for non-native speakers considering embarking on a clinical drug trial:
  • "Excuse me but I'm finding it difficult to breathe just now"
  • "My skin appears to be melting"
  • "Could you possibly take me to the operating theatre and pump my stomach forthwith"
  • "Can you smell burning?
  • "When I signed the form, you never mentioned that my eyeballs would double in size"
  • "Although you're paying me a lot of money for this, it's looking like I won't ever get to spend it"

John Hurt: genetic disorder or clinical drug trial volunteer?
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On Sunday, 14 June, 2009, Blogger BBE said:

What looked like easy money, just started to seem less appealing.


On Wednesday, 17 June, 2009, Anonymous Anonymous said:

Wondering if the amount of payment is related to the risk factor with the drugs.  

On Friday, 26 June, 2009, Anonymous MC said:

I have nothing to contribute really except to say that last image made me LOL pretty hard. Actually, all your images tend to hah  

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