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the medicine man

Well it's been quite a week in the world of Japanese politics. Two major events took place.

The first centred around the country's (former) finance minister, Shoichi Nakagawa. He was in Rome at a G7 summit trying to help sort out the world economic crisis.

At a press conference held last weekend, Nakagawa appeared to be half asleep and slurred his way through a number of answers.

He denied having had any alcohol prior to the press conference.

He put his bizarre performance down to the 'medicine' he'd taken for his heavy cold. And I suppose he bought it from a 'pharmacy' just like this one.....

Wright's Liquors, for all your medicinal requirements.

The press conference had started promisingly. I mean, he was awake....

But when it came to answer the first question, it was obvious all was not well....

Then suddenly there was a glimmer of hope. It looked promising. A word was uttered.

Reporters sat up in their seats. Some leaned forward a little, eager to learn about how the man in charge of the world's second largest economy was going to deal with the global turmoil affecting tens of millions of jobs......

......but seconds later......

And then came the big yawn....

....before finally he settled down for the night.....

Nakagawa considers the next step in dealing with the economic crisis.

You can watch a bit of it here:

Nakagawa's Guide to Getting Better

Ailment: Cold.
Dosage: Two glasses of Baileys, twice a day.
Take first thing in the morning and last thing at night.

Ailment: Sore throat.
Dosage: Half a bottle of Malibu, three times a day.
Take before breakfast, during breakfast and after breakfast.

Ailment: Headache.
Dosage: One bottle of vodka, once an hour.
Take on the hour every hour.

Ailment: Unemployment.
Dosage: Whisky.
Just drink till the pain goes away.
Refill: Frequently.

Oh, and Bill's wife was in town, too.
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On Saturday, 21 February, 2009, Anonymous Dave said:

Was covering this story and its aftermath on my site. Didn't think he would go with him being pretty senior in the government.

One thing it has done is help Taro Aso in his quest to be the most unpopular leader in a democracy of all time, according to opinion polls.  

On Sunday, 22 February, 2009, Blogger t i m said:

he should try taking a power nap :)  

On Sunday, 22 February, 2009, Anonymous MonkAre said:

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On Tuesday, 24 February, 2009, Blogger Mundilfari said:

Pffft. poor man. Shit, I'd drink as well if I was in charge of the economy right now - of course, I think I would consider my plans for the day a bit more...

btw, someone should let him know vodka does wonders for colds and sore throats. bailey's and malibu are for wusses  

On Thursday, 26 February, 2009, Anonymous Scotty.VOR said:

Got any Snow White?  

On Sunday, 01 March, 2009, Blogger Heiso said:

Was shocked when I first saw the vid. I couldn't believe a minister would have done that.. Maybe it was the medicine after all.
By the way I really love the new blog look! very fresh!  

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