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the confabulator

A short video. Of a man. A man in Japan. A gaijin man. Living in Japan. His life's a sham.

And he's on the phone. To his girlfriend back home. Telling it like it isn't.

The Confabulator from an englishman on Vimeo.

Running time: 7 mins
Filmed by an englishman in osaka.
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On Friday, 30 November, 2007, Anonymous Bill said:

Is the bath tub really THAT small? Or is that dude just big?  

On Friday, 30 November, 2007, Blogger Contamination said:

I love the video.
This is such a real representation of what life is like.

However, not all bathrooms are like that. Mine is like 2.5x the size of the unit bathroom pictured.

Regardless, I'm going to Digg and Stumble this video!


On Friday, 30 November, 2007, Blogger tamakikat said:

Nice apartment.

You don't even have to go to the airport to be a plane spotter!  

On Friday, 30 November, 2007, Blogger PkerUNO said:

Was this filmed in Fukuoka by any chance? I think I recognise the airport parking.  

On Friday, 30 November, 2007, Blogger Brian said:

Hilarious. My first apartment in Japan had a bathroom about that size. The station break dancers was classic.  

On Saturday, 01 December, 2007, Anonymous dickie said:

hmm, is this autobiographical? is this your life? hehehe  

On Saturday, 01 December, 2007, Blogger Jon said:

Haha, that's going to be me in 4 years :P  

On Saturday, 01 December, 2007, Blogger lina said:

so funny yet so pathetic...i feel for the guy. :-)  

On Saturday, 01 December, 2007, Blogger Antonio Rebordao said:

Often I come here and your sense of humor is great. If you visit Tokyo, let me know and we could go for a beer or coffee.


On Saturday, 01 December, 2007, Anonymous kazue said:

The sad thing is that it wouldn't be funny at all if the guy was a Japanese . It would be too nomal even though he was very big.  

On Saturday, 01 December, 2007, Blogger LSL said:

That is AWESOME. Very reminiscent of my time in Japan. And yes, the bathrooms are frequently that small. God, I love this!  

On Sunday, 02 December, 2007, Blogger Val said:

Very well portrayed! Excellent piece of filming.  

On Sunday, 02 December, 2007, Blogger J said:

Yes brother been there too. At least in Japan building don't fall down like they do here in Korea.  

On Tuesday, 04 December, 2007, Anonymous Anonymous said:

I loved the video. Very well made! I laughed really hard too. So hard that my voice produced and echo in my apartment. I usually find your blog interesting but this was like icing on the cake.  

On Tuesday, 04 December, 2007, Anonymous hl said:

Lovely video! I've got to take care to avoid a life like that once I get to Japan..  

On Wednesday, 05 December, 2007, Anonymous Anonymous said:

I liked the video, though I'm in a dormitory situation and you have it better than I do!

I wanted to know what was that Indian-tinged song starting up at the end?  

On Friday, 07 December, 2007, Anonymous Anonymous said:

This was so well done.  

On Friday, 07 December, 2007, Anonymous Anonymous said:

Question: English man in Osaka? Are you British? Or just because you speak English you classify yourself as a 'english man in osaka'?  

On Thursday, 20 December, 2007, Anonymous makikopera said:

I drop in here sometimes just to have a good laugh. Thank you always.  

On Sunday, 30 December, 2007, Anonymous I Eat My Pigeon said:

Yup, that looks about right. I have a feeling I know which real estate company rents him his place, too.

If you know the guy personally, send him to my blog - back in July I wrote an entry called "The One Burner Cookbook." The pain of trying to make anything palatable on a one burner camp stove is just ... sorry, must go weep.  

On Thursday, 24 January, 2008, Anonymous tinity said:

Great blog!!!!
What's the name of the last track you used? I like it a lot! thanks!  

On Sunday, 27 January, 2008, Anonymous Celine M said:

I laughed a lot watching your video, but...in the meantime, this makes me wondering whether I should go back to Japan next year !!??
Thanks for your blog, always very funny !  

On Sunday, 10 February, 2008, Anonymous Anonymous said:

oh i get it. he says one thing and then another thing happens! hilarious!  

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