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choco messaging

So once again, Valentine's Day is almost upon us.

As most people know, in Japan it's a one way street, with the women buying choco for the men. Exactly one month later, on White Day, the men buy cookies for the women, and exactly one month after that, on Happy Day, the choco and cookie companies count their massive profits.

But first up it's Valentine's Day. Supermarkets and convenience stores are currently packed to the rafters with choco of every shape, size, taste and price.

The names of the choco can be interesting too. Should any woman want to leave the man of her dreams in no doubt as to her desired intentions, she can message him through the choco..........

For example, she might very well have the

....in which case she'll probably be wanting some hanky

....and almost certainly a

....you never know, she might even want her

Boobs Fondled - a ridiculous name for a bar of choco
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On Saturday, 09 February, 2008, Blogger Sylke said:

You have the best photo stories ever!!! :)  

On Sunday, 10 February, 2008, Blogger Performance Notes said:

Hey, is the "Boobs Fondled" choco for real ? Did you photoshop that one? I'd believe anything such as that in Japan as I lived there for years..but
I cannot imagine seeing "Boobs Fondled" in the choco section of the local Family Mart.  

On Sunday, 10 February, 2008, Blogger Performance Notes said:

ummm,so, I got sucked in by the photoshopping. shows it's good to read a few of your posts before
showing myself to be a gullible
twit...but then I believed the fake story in the press last year that said Japanese people where buying lambs that were being sold as poodles
and not noticing for a while that the
"poodles" where actually "baby sheep".
: )
Thanks for your blodding. It's really funny for me stuck over here on Jeju Island in South Korea.  

On Monday, 11 February, 2008, Anonymous Anonymous said:

What? Only 10 pieces of Panky chocolate? Pfft...have some mother stick instead.  

On Monday, 11 February, 2008, Anonymous Anonymous said:

That, sir, caused a fit of 100% pure, unadulterated giggles. Thanks.  

On Monday, 11 February, 2008, Blogger Alex said:

Melty kiss is by far the best chocolate on the market, but it must be had in single-mouthfuls at a time.

And, to be honest, I wouldn't mind some Boobs Fondled if stores were offering.  

On Tuesday, 12 February, 2008, Blogger owenandbenjamin said:

I've had Boobs Fondled before. They are really really good.  

On Tuesday, 12 February, 2008, Blogger Yasmin said:

ROFL as usual...love it!!  

On Wednesday, 13 February, 2008, Blogger MasterXploder.com said:

haha, nice photos! Great work and a great post! I've soc'd it on JapanSoc!  

On Wednesday, 13 February, 2008, Anonymous Anonymous said:

Great work, englishman. :)  

On Friday, 15 February, 2008, Blogger Pirikara said:

Hmm I should've known that "Boobs Fondled" wasn't a real chocolate! Fondled is too big of a word for them Japanese. It'd be "Boobs touch," though misspelled as "Boob tach." Nanka kudaranakunattekita~ =P  

On Friday, 15 February, 2008, Anonymous Anonymous said:


On Friday, 15 February, 2008, Blogger Ian said:

I love it.  

On Friday, 22 February, 2008, Blogger Dagbert said:

Absolutely bloody brilliant!
Totally choked on my canned coffee.  

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