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head banger

It's low.

But 160 centimetres was deemed high enough for people to pass safely under.

However, for those taller than 160, the bridge must be noticed in order to avoid getting a headache....

....or a severe migraine if you're cycling at speed....

A woman on a bicycle not smashing her head.

Let's face it, approaching this bridge at high speed without paying attention could result in a lot more than just loss of face....

photo: Botched
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On Monday, 05 April, 2010, Blogger choonhong said:

1.6m ?!! none of the NBA stars can pass through. ANd i like your last bloody picture.  

On Monday, 05 April, 2010, Anonymous Danimal said:

That's no way to get ahead in life...

I guess he'll never be the head of a major corporation...

No sense in losing one's head...

Did I forget any?  

On Monday, 05 April, 2010, Blogger Tornadoes28 said:

Ouch. At 190.5 cm, I have banged my in Japan more times than I can count.  

On Monday, 05 April, 2010, Anonymous Masa Rider said:

Hey Nice blog! Nice to find other blogging from the same country you're in.
I'm a short guy myself (164cm)but I'm still not clear of that crazy bridge.  

On Tuesday, 06 April, 2010, Blogger ShibataBread said:

I'd limbo dance it every time.

Awesome blog as always.  

On Thursday, 08 April, 2010, Anonymous Anonymous said:

That last guy wasn't very headstrong!  

On Saturday, 10 April, 2010, Blogger bogue said:

I don't think the boss of the guy in the last picture will accept 'loss of head' as a legitimate excuse for taking a day off!  

On Wednesday, 14 April, 2010, Blogger zonjineko.com said:

^_^ Would love to see the doctor's note for that injury!  

On Wednesday, 12 January, 2011, Blogger Cou Casse said:

lmao this is hilarious http://coucasse.blogspot.com/  

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