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fukuda specs crisis

Rumours are rife that Prime Minister Fukuda is facing a revolt by his cabinet ministers unless he changes his circa 1985 glasses.

Fukuda claims his eyes haven't changed since then, so why should his glasses.

But ministers are worried his popularity will plummet if he doesn't get with it and get something more modern in front of his eyes.

Look at (not president) Obama - he's got it going on......

Even Koizumi tried to get it going on but it didn't quite happen....

The range of specs available is vast, so there's really no excuse for Fukuda not to give a few a try. Here's some that may be of interest....

Already looking more like a prime minister.

These specs are for ladies, which is why they don't suit him at all.

Not bad, but not that good either.

Now we're talking. I can really imagine this man talking about fiscal policy and macroeconomic stability - and being taken seriously.

Something not quite right here; the colour of the frames, perhaps?

Fetching but a little silly.
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On Monday, 11 August, 2008, Blogger Mrs. Hall said:

Your blog is really funny. It is such a gem.

I loved the post about the sad tiny parks, the ones where fun will not be had.


Mrs. Hall  

On Monday, 11 August, 2008, Anonymous Scotty.VOR said:

Holy crap, Dame Edna's husband!  

On Monday, 11 August, 2008, Blogger Tornadoes28 said:

The last ones work the best for him. I think they would help his popularity rating (really anything would since his popularity rating is near zero).  

On Tuesday, 12 August, 2008, Anonymous Lee Publican said:

In the interests of impartiality, McCain should be in your post sporting a pair of RayBans.  

On Thursday, 14 August, 2008, Anonymous Todd said:

Hilarious post.
This infinitely raises my opinion of Japan's cabinet.  

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